Summer School on Theoretical Methods for Energy Conversion

Due to Covid-19 the Summer School 2020 was cancelled and shifted to 2021.

The RTG2455 BENCh and the International Center for Advanced Studies of Energy Conversion jointly organize a Summer School from September 07-10, 2020 on the topic “Theoretical Methods for Energy Conversion”. The Summer School is organized by Ricardo Mata and Jörg Behler.

The mission of ICASEC is to bring together a broad range of scientists and address fundamental problems of energy conversion in research and teaching. For this purpose, our annual summer school provides a discussion platform for international postdocs and students with leading experts.

The study of chemical energy conversion is a thriving field of research encompassing the whole of chemistry from molecules to bulk materials and their interfaces, laying the groundwork for completely new paradigms in energy storage and production. Theoretical calculations play a pivotal role in this context, with a wide breadth of methods being applied to address all the relevant time and length scales involved as well as the different systems and conditions in which they operate. The Summer School intends to provide its participants a comprehensive picture of state-of-the-art theoretical methods in the field, combining tutorial and research lectures into a 4-day event. Invited speakers each will give two presentations. A tutorial lecture on the fundamental principles and methods of their work is followed by a seminar that covers their current research and the state of the art.