Summer School on Electrochemical Approaches to Chemical Synthesis

The International Center for Advanced Studies of Energy Conversion jointly organized a Summer School from October 06-09, 2019 on the topic “Electrochemical Approaches to Chemical Synthesis”. The Summer School was organized by Inke Siewert and Sven Schneider.

The mission of ICASEC is to bring together a broad range of scientists and address fundamental problems of energy conversion in research and teaching. For this purpose, our annual summer school provides a discussion platform for international postdocs and students with 8 leading experts. 2019, the emerging field of electrochemical synthesis beyond basic energy research was chosen as main topic.

Invited speakers each gave two 45 min presentations. A tutorial lecture on the fundamental principles and methods of their work was followed by a seminar that covers their current research and the state of the art in electrosynthesis.

After four days of intense and exciting science on the forefront topics of electrochemistry, we are certain that all participants will greatly benefit from the provided insights and wish them all the best for their upcoming (electrochemical) research. We especially want to thank the speakers, Cyrille Constentin, Sasika Heumann, Gerhard Hilt, Anny Jutand, Daniel Little, Antoni Llobet, Shelly Minteer and Thomas Wirth for their highly instructive and inspiring contribution.