Prof. Alec Wodtke received 2022 Ertl Lecture Prize

The 15th Gerhard Ertl Lecture Award goes to Prof. Dr. Alec M. Wodtke, Director at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Multidisciplinary Sciences and Professor at the Institute for Physical Chemistry at the University of Göttingen. The Award Committee, comprised of jurors Prof. Dr. Joachim Sauer (HU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Matthias Drieß (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. Eckart Rühl (FU Berlin), as well as the Fritz-Haber-Institut’s Board of Directors and Gerhard Ertl himself, have chosen to honor Prof. Dr. Alec M. Wodtke in recognition of his contributions to improving our understanding of surface chemistry. “He is an international leader in the study of the dynamics of interactions between molecules and surfaces, and I am very pleased that he has won this year’s Lecture Award”, comments Nobel Laureate Gerhard Ertl. For more details about the prize see the official press release.

For more information about Prof. Wodtkes research, see the webpage of his research group.