ERC Advanced Grant for Lutz Ackermann

The European Research Council awarded an ERC Advanced Grant to Lutz Ackermann (press release Uni). The ERC will fund his project “Electrochemical Bond Functionalization (ElectroFun)” for five years with an award of around 2.5 million euros.

The development of environmentally friendly production methods is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. This is where the ElectroFun project excels: it brings together two resource-saving concepts by combining the conversion of otherwise inert molecules with electrocatalysis. The overarching goal is to replace the use of toxic reagents and chemicals by using green electricity and to control the selectivity of electrocatalytic transformations of biomolecules. Using external stimuli provided by renewable forms of energy, waste products can thus be minimised and lengthy synthesis sequences bypassed. This is made possible by the design of innovative catalysis concepts.

More details about Prof. Ackermanns Research can be found on his webpage.