Call for Proposals for Summer School 2016

Dear ICASEC members,

The International Center for Advanced Studies of Energy Conversion (ICASEC) calls for proposals for summer schools. Up to 25.000 € is to be granted to promote a thematic summer school to take place in Göttingen (or the nearby region) before July 30 2016 on a focused science theme within the areas of emphasis supported by the ICASEC. The summer school differs from a workshop or conference in that in addition to a “normal science talk” each speaker will also present a pedagogical talk on his area of expertise introducing young scientists and scientists outside of the field to his/her area of research. Proposers are encouraged to submit with two (or more) faculty co-organizers although a single organizer is entirely acceptable.

The summer school is designed to:
• sponsor visits to Göttingen of distinguished scientists from around the world, some of whom are present or potentially future collaborators with Göttingen scientists.
• sponsor select students of those visiting speakers to attend
• raise interest and awareness in Göttingen of important emerging Areas of research
• promote future international collaborative relationships
• provide opportunities for Göttingen colleagues to work together on an interdisciplinary project.

How to apply

The guidelines for a proposal are as follows: Submit the following information in a pdf file by email to awodtke (at) by September 30 2015.

• Names of proposed co-organizers (Göttingen Scientists)
• Proposed Title of the Conference (including a few sentences – not to exceed 1 paragraph – of description)
• A short list of possible speakers

We are looking forward to receiving your proposal.