Welcome Letter

The scope of the iCOMET conference is summarized by observing that knowledge on interactions between atoms and molecules is vital to our understanding of the nanoworld, which includes everything from combustion to molecular biology. Such interactions are best deciphered by studying energy transfer in dynamical processes. This field has developed by studies of energy transfer of small molecules in the gas-phase. Today, we are striving toward understanding of more complex problems like molecular interactions at surfaces, in the condensed phase, biological molecules and technology applications. Our goal is to obtain an atomic scale understanding of dynamical events controlling complex physico-chemical phenomena. The field is characterized by advanced experimental tools and has demonstrated a close connection with highly sophisticated theoretical analysis.
On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to attend the iCOMET conference held in Innsbruck, Austria from 15 to 20 January 2017.


  • Chemical Reaction Dynamics
  • Advances in Theoretical Chemistry
  • Photo-fragmentation Dynamics
  • Dynamics at Surfaces
  • Cold Collisions and Clusters
  • Non-covalent bonding in biological systems
  • Ultrafast Dynamics
  • Electronically Nonadiabatic Phenomena
  • Energy Conversion Processes
  • Elementary processes in heterogeneous catalysis

Important Dates

September 1 2016
Abstract submission deadline for all abstract to be considered for hot topic talk

October 15 2016
Registration deadline, early bird fee applies

Deadline for the submission of poster abstracts

Post-deadline registration is possible as space allows, in this case a late fee of 100€ applies


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