Summer School on Electrochemical Approaches to Chemical Synthesis

The International Center for Advanced Studies of Energy Conversion are jointly organizing a Summer School from October 06-09, 2019 on the topic “Electrochemical Approaches to Chemical Synthesis”. The Summer Scholl is organized by Inke Siewert and Sven Schneider.

The mission of ICASEC is to bring together a broad range of scientists and address fundamental problems of energy conversion in research and teaching. For this purpose, our annual summer school provides a discussion platform for international postdocs and students with 8 leading experts. This year the emerging field of electrochemical synthesis beyond basic energy research was chosen as main topic.

Invited speakers will each give two 45 min presentations. A tutorial lecture on the fundamental principles and methods of their work is followed by a seminar that covers their current research and the state of the art in electrosynthesis.